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Do you have unwanted junk clogging up your home or business? The Junkluggers of Fairfield & Westchester Counties is here to help. Our team of talented junk removal professionals can quickly and effectively remove unwanted items from your home ranging from computers and couches to yard debris.

However, we’re not like most junk removal companies. The majority aim to do the bare minimum and will simply remove unwanted junk from your home and then dump it in a landfill. At The Junkluggers of Fairfield & Westchester Counties we take a different approach. We believe in doing our part to help the environment and the community, so when we take your junk we’ll recycle, upcycle, or donate every item we can. We can even provide you receipts for potential tax benefits!

Contact us today and schedule your free estimate for junk removal in Pleasantville, NY!

We can remove:

  • Leaf & yard debris
  • Masonry products
  • Monitors
  • Carpets
  • Tires
  • DVD players/VCRs/DVRs
  • Cell phones
  • Computers
  • Printers
  • TVs
  • Refrigerators
  • Cabinets
  • Stoves
  • Sofas
  • Chairs


Case Studies From Pleasantville
It’s easy to let your basement fill up with junk, the hard part is clearing it out.
Job Stories From Pleasantville, NY
Furniture Removal in Pleasantville NY

After seeing our bright Green Truck in town, Kara set up an appointment online, to have The Junkluggers of Fairfield and Westchester Counties come out to her home. That same day, our Luggers provided Kara with an onsite quote in Pleasantville NY, to remove several pieces of furniture. They hauled away a toddler bed and mattress, a twin mattress, a king size bed frame, a stroller, 2 window air conditioners, a crib, plastic toys, a shoe cabinet, a bookcase. doors, and a flatscreen tv. We always guarantee to send out two of our fully trained professionals within a 2 hour window of choice. 

Patio Chairs, Mattress, and more Removed in Pleasantville, NY

Ruth in Norwalk needed to have items removed from her apartment. She was referred to us by one of our previous customers. We went out to her apartment on the day of the appointment and we removed a mattress, box spring, patio chairs, tables, and other small pieces of furniture.

Safe and Pool Table Removed in Pleasantville, NY

Kenneth in Pleasantville needed to have items removed from his basement. He gave us a call after seeing one of our company trucks in the area. We arrived at his home on the day of the appointment and we efficiently removed a safe, pool table, and a mattress from the basement in his home.

Loveseat and Couch Removed in Pleasantville, NY

Joann in Pleasantville was looking to have a couple pieces of furniture removed from her home. She found us during an online search. We went out to her home where we removed a couch and loveseat.

Refrigerator and Gas Stove Removal in Pleasantville, NY

Arlene in Pleasantville needed to have a refrigerator and gas stove removed from her home. She came across us on social media. We went out to her home and successfully removed both the refrigerator and stove from her home to have it properly disposed.

Fridge Removal in Pleasantville, NY

Francesca had an old fridge in her home and she needed to have it removed. She was referred to our company and decided to have us come out and help. We showed up to her home in Pleasantville as soon as possible and hauled away the fridge in no time.

Disposing of TV and TV Cabinet Among Others in Pleasantville, NY

Pam had a handful of items that she was looking to get rid of, but she needed some help. She found our company using Google and decided to set up an appointment with us. We went out to her home in Pleasantville and loaded up a number of things including a TV, 6 chairs, and a couple coffee tables. 

Clearing Out Moving Boxes in Pleasantville, NY

Mary had recently moved into a condo in Pleasantville and she had a bunch of boxes left over. She had used us before and decided to bring us back out to clear out the boxes. We came out to the condo and hauled away all the boxes in no time. 

Old Furniture and Electronics Removal in Pleasantville, NY

Michael had some furniture and boxes of electronics in his garage that he was wanting to get rid of. He had found our company online and decided to reach out and set an appointment. We came out to his home in Pleasantville and loaded up anything he didn't want including a bed and a box of old electronics. We were also able to donate some of the items that he didn't want.

Removing Garbage and Debris From Home in Pleasantville, NY

Mary needed to clear out her home of any junk and debris as soon as possible. She had used our services before so she knew that we could help her out. We came out to her home in Pleasantville and loaded up any junk and debris including 5 garbage bags, a mirror, and a bunch of plastic scraps. 

Disposing of Clutter in Pleasantville, NY

Brianna had a bunch of clutter that she wanted to clear out of her home in Pleasantville. She found our company on Google and decided to give us a call. We came out to her home and loaded up any and all clutter which was mostly a bunch of boxes and some shelves. 

Box Removal in Pleasantville, NY

Mary was a returning customer who had recently moved into a new home in Pleasantville, NY. After her move she had a number of empty boxes left in her home. She reached out to us and we were happy to help clear the junk out of her new home. 

Work Requests From Pleasantville, NY
Vicinity of Clark Street in Pleasantville
Item List: Stove/oven, backboard, headboard, bicycle Additional information: Selected Services: Curbside Pickup Source: Internet - Search Engine
Vicinity of Bedford Road in Pleasantville
Item List: Garage clean out. Furniture that we will never use and will not last. Bed frames, tables, chairs, coffee table. And then just junk like old doors etc Additional information: Selected Services: Junk Removal Source: Repeat Customer
Vicinity of Martling Avenue in Pleasantville
Item List: construction debris, books, metal file cabinet, some rugs Additional information: Selected Services: Junk Removal Source: Internet - Search Engine
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